Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Am Not Human

I ran across this article this morning and liked it so much I thought I'd share it with you.  It fits in very well with my current mood of thinking.

The author is Walter Allen Thompson at the graceofrepentance.com

I was thinking about getting a job at a corporation until I realized that I would have to go through "HR" which is the Human Resources department.  Here's my problem: I'm not human.

I could never figure out why I don't play well with corporations, but now I know.   I've been living my whole life thinking I was human when I wasn't.  I never was human, I'm not human, and I never will be human.

I am not a human being; I am not a humanitarian.  I don't write about human interests because there is no such thing as a human being.  In fact, when I tell people I'm not human, they think I've gone off my rocker.  But words mean things, and the words human being means something other than what most people think.

The meaning of the word human is a man, woman, or child that is a "bi-pedal primate mammal".  In other words: a monkey.  The words human being means a man, woman, or child that is a derivative of a primate or a monkey.

It is the religious, government, and so-called educational systems that have used this obnoxious term to apply to a man, woman, or a child.  In fact, all of the laws will refer to "persons" which are in turn defined as human beings: monkeys.

These low life institutions refer to people as beasts and treat us as if we were livestock.   And of course, they have a word for us: human.  Rather than calling us slaves, they call us human.

Most people don't know the difference in terms so they are content to repeat what other people say.  Actually, that's how most of us learn our languages.

So, now that you know that you are not human, some of the possibilities are almost comical.  I actually tell people that I'm not human without the explanation.  Since I have long hair and a long beard, I really get some odd looks.

Of course, I do this for my own entertainment and it keeps me quite amused.  Sometimes I will explain myself, but sometimes I don't.   Even though I like bananas, I do not consider myself an ancestor of any primate mammal.

But if you're a government jerk, there is a certain method to their madness to labelling a man, woman, or child as some kind of beast.  And of course, the ALL CAPITAL LETTERS (look at your driver's license) refers to a fiction.

The government forces us to assume the position of a beast or an animal and then steals what it thinks they can get.   This is just one other way how government and bad religion use words to destroy the status and lives of men.  To the government, we are just a bunch of beasts.

They of course, believing in evolution, are just the elite beasts; but beasts nonetheless.  Here we see how they mislead people which makes them a bunch of liars and miscreants of the lowest order.  Any satanic system is going to be used to destroy the lives of men, women, and children.

So our government and religious systems are in fact nothing more than slavery but without the physical chains.  This is why government wants to "educate" children so that they can re-educate the beasts.  They train us just like circus animals: jump, sit, roll over, stop, and go.  But the mental chains are always present.

The use of the term "human" inculcates upon a man's mind until he starts using this term regarding other men, when in fact there is no such thing as a human being.  A human being doesn't exist.  A human being is a fiction.  A human being is a lie and a fraud.

Whether you believe in God or not, the fact is that we are all creations of God: men, women, and children and we ought to treat each other as such and not degrade the status of mankind.

Now, the next time you encounter someone, just tell them you are not human, and it may make your day.


  1. What can you be but God's Holy Son. You have always been and always will be His Son, One with Him. Of all He is You Are. God is Love, He created You Love, God is Good, He created You Good, God is Holy and Perfect , You were created Holy and Perfect and Complete, Healed, and Whole. You have inherited All that Your Father is. God is Spirit, eternal, limitless/infinite, You are His Son/Offspring, You are the same, You were created in His image and likeness, the same. As the prodigal Son you have only forgotten who You Are and You gave up your peace and joy which is Your true inheritance. You are God's Son no more and no less. When You return in Your Mind to who You Are, You are still His Son. Father receives You back in joy and says You Are His Son and All that is His is Yours. He says, You only lost your Mind for a while but have returned. Did I not say, "You all are Elohim/God... (psalms 82:6) and God is One (Deuteronomy 4:6). Jesus Your brother said, He was the Son of God and He was One with the Father and You and prayed that you would also see Your being One with the Father as He did. For all have misthought/sinned and fall short of the glory of God. A Father's glory is His Child. Your only wrong thinking is that You were separated/different from God and so You gave up the glory of being God's Son (a part of God). You have missed the mark of who You Are. This is the cause of all other wrong thinking/not right thinking. I Love You All, peace and joy be returned to You in the knowing of who You Are. Believe who Jesus said You Are and You will have limitless infinite life. Know that God does not condemn in His judgment. How can He condemn His Son whom He Loves and who has only not understood who he was. His judgment is only the correction of Our wrong thinking. God's "Will" is that none shall perish, what or who can oppose God's Will. God is Love and Love never fails in His Will and Purpose for Our Good. If you believe Yourself to be a "human, man, woman, or child", then you will only see yourself as limited, flawed, sinful and less than what You were created, less than God's Son. You also say that God is flawed and imperfect because He created You flawed. Your actions are only a result of your wrong thinking/unrighteous/not right thinking. Your Will is the same as God's, let the mind of Christ of which You Are be in You. Your free will does not change who You Are, God is changeless of whom You Are a part. Your free will only determines when you will return to God in Your Mind. We are All One, there is no Jew, Greek, bound, free, male, female, We are Spirit, We Are One in Christ. Let this Mind be in You.