Tuesday, March 20, 2012

76 iPads!

Cédric sent this picture of our biggest deployment of our program Jasmin on dedicated tablets as the latest order is prepared.

Raph was interviewed on a local radio station last week about what we're up to here as we have two job offers open at the moment to help fill all our commitments.

We thank God for the opportunity to be in the right place, offering the right service, at the right time!


  1. As if God was interested in how many i-PAD's you were going to sell. What a nonsense that is Derrick

  2. No, I wasn't inferring He was. In fact, we've never sold one; these machines were delivered to us by our customer who wants us to load them with our software, that's all.

    Forgive me, I'd never seen so much material stacked up in one place and thought it'd make an interesting post. Never mind ...

  3. I don't really see the issue with thanking God for our blessings, even if they're material blessings. After all, everything comes from Him. It seems to me that saying God isn't interested in some aspect of our lives just sets up an area where Jesus is not Lord.

  4. Thanks, Kevin! Nice to hear from you!

    This post was just for fun since right now our mobile programming is taking centre stage for us occupying lots of our time and thought and planning.

  5. Bonjour
    J'aimerais en savoir plus sur le 'software' que vous avez développé. Que fait-il exactement?
    Que le Seigneur vous bénisse,

  6. Bonjour Catherine,
    C'est un logiciel de CRM qui gère les commandes, les fiches clients, le stock, les réapprovisionnements, les statistiques de vente, etc.

  7. Bonjour Catherine!

    Il s'agit d'une application de gestion commerciale qui intègre tous aspects de la vie d'une entreprise -- devis, gestion du stock, commande, facturation et bien plus. Je suggère que tu prenne contact avec moi à djn arobase microtec point fr. Comme ça on pourrait discuter plus aisément qu'ici !

    (Merci d'avoir "signé" ton prénom. Anonymous, c'est bien, mais on ne sait pas à qui on a affaire !)