Friday, April 20, 2012

The Town Where I Was Born

Here's another old card for you from my (seemingly) endless collection.

This is my birth town many years ago.  Inside is the printed message "Many Good Wishes" and underneath that -- albeit neither dated nor addressed -- is my grandfather's print-scripted note:

Them were the days with not a petrol pump in sight and no worries about where you are going to get the next gallon.  Never thought I would live to see the day when the pen petrol is mightier than the sword.
Hope you are both well and thanks for a super holiday.  Delighted to see Brayn and that things are turning out well with him.
Love, Len

Underneath this Aunty Ruth has written

I remember it like this before the war.  Above Bar Church on right hand side.  -- Ruth

Do you think posterity will ever be glad I took the trouble to post this?  Does anyone want to add to the fun by guessing a) the date of the picture? b) the date of the message? c) the addressee of the card?  I sure don't know!

Over to you!


  1. Here is my try, just for fun :

    a) I would guess the picture depicts the street in the late nineteenth century (judging from the ladies' dresses and from Aunty Ruth's "remember[ing] it like" that : it could have stayed the same from the 1890' until the First World War).

    b) The letter must date from a time when cars had already gotten relatively common. Not too recent though, since it was written by Len. I'm not sure about his or cars' dates, but I would say the 1930's, as Aunty Ruth referred to "the war", not to a first or a second one--maybe there had only been one yet!

    c) Maybe the card was written to Aunty Ruth.
    1st) Because I think Len used to write her many cards (judging from many I have)
    2nd) Why would she write such a comment on a card for someone else--without any kind of greeting or anything.

    On the other hand, she signs her name, which is an unusual practice when writing for yourself, so maybe the card was from Len AND her, for some other person.
    I suggest that this person :
    - was quite a lot younger than herself, since she stated as an exceptional fact that she remembers the street before the war.
    - was old enough to have a son who was growing up and "turning out".

    Only thoughts, but it's interesting, thank you ! :-)

  2. Wow...Becky - lots of thoughts. Mine were much more simplistic. First of all - does it really say "Brayn" or Bryan? If Bryan, then I think the card was intended for Mum and Dad (the "both") as we did holiday a lot with them. If it does, indeed, refer to Bryan, then I would date it in the early 70's when Bryan was over there working... Not sure why it never got mailed but that's my guess.