Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Imagine the world today...

"Imagine the world today if only he could have communicated like this"

This is the award-winning Mahatma Gandhi commercial by Telecom Italia.

Mahatma Gandhi, who taught the concept of non-violence to the entire world, if only he could spread his message like this, maybe we would have been a different world today headed in a different direction.

It's an interesting thought and a well-done commercial.

I don't have to tell you that Jesus said it better and went further down that road.  He lived it and it cost him his life two thousand years before Ghandi.  But, in his own way, Gandhi was very influencial.

Not least because he once met a receptive seeker in South Africa called Leo Tolstoy.  Tolstoy, already a famous author, experienced a deep conversion to true Christianity and the truth and invincibility of non-violence and non-resistance and he went on to live and share these truths through his writings with countless thousands.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pure bliss!

It's not often that I post a video here.

Maybe it's not often that you stop by here, either.

So this would be a great time to feel good and get deep inspiration in life from watching this four-minute video clip.  I think it is sheer beauty!  Why does it make me cry?

Your comments are welcome!  (Watch it full screen!)

The comment underneath the film says : 'Ode to Joy', the promotional video of the Croatian Tourist Board, won a prestigious travel industry's 'Oscars' award 'Das goldene Stadttor' at the International Tourism Film Festival held on 8 March 2012.

The festival is held annually as a part of International Tourism Fair ITB in Berlin.  With its impressive visualisation and through the inspiring music narrative led by cellist Ana Rucner, the film highlights the rich cultural, historical and natural heritage of Croatia as well as many Croatian beauties.

Wonderful!  God bless Christian Croatia!

Monday, June 25, 2012


With all the partying and activities, Thanksgiving was an unusually low-key event this year.  But still the whole family got together for pizzas and rosé wine, as per tradition, for our thirteenth anniversary.

After eating, the Roobies led the younger ones in a card game while everyone else entered a drawing contest at the inspiration of Olly, who set Bala up on a stool to provide a model for the occasion.  Meanwhile Claire continued spinning ...

I've uploaded a 28 second video clip that I took at that moment which you can enjoy.  (When I figure out where I'll put it I'll put the link here.) 

Some of our prayers and more spiritual reflections and activities got put off till next weekend—delayed, not deleted. :-)

Musing on our mornings, we are all enjoying Don's ongoing series of video presentations available on YouTube—a good example of being able to use anything for God's glory, I guess.

So tomorrow we are expecting Kimberley's visit as Claire and Mum go up to Paris to pick her up!  We'll have some more news and pictures for you then!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer must be here

We've been looking forward to this summer, wondering how we'd manage with all the activities, trips, and visits that are planned!

This weekend we realized that summer must be here!

Saturday Sarah went shopping for cloth in Le Mans.  Rachel was coming in from the Czech Republic for three weeks so since I had to go pick her up at the train station we went together.  (Any excuse for a little "honeymoon"!)

Her train was due at one thirty so that gave us time to visit our new favourite restaurant in the old town for lunch.  It's speciality is cuisine bretonne so Mum had a galette aux trois fromages that she's had before and they do especially well in this place.  I had a goat's cheese salad and we shared a bottle of cidre brut which was simply delicious!

At half-past one we were there to greet Rachel who has grown since we last saw her two years ago—she's quite a pretty girl, and very talented, as we found out when we got home!

Well, tomorrow is the kermesse at Olly's school, Monday is Thanksgiving, and then Tuesday Kimberly arrives for a three-week-stay.

You see, I wasn't joking about a busy summer! It's going to be busy, but a lot of fun!

I'll try to get you a picture of our thirteenth Thanksgiving Day on Monday—maybe even a shot of the whole family.

So the day ended very memorably as I decided more or less at the last minute to go buy some pizzas and we'd celebrate the start of the summer madness with all of us together.

We called on the Gautiers to come on over with their three children (of course) and then told Patrick he could stop by too.  We even called on the widow Gorteau down the road but she was busy and gave us a rain-check on it.

Well you have to try to imagine the fun and ruckus and shouting and running and games all over the back yard!  I had a dozen pizzas and a couple of tarte flambée too, just for good measure.  That and a few bottles of rosé and we were all set!

Rachel and Rebecca are at a comparable level in piano so you can imagine the concert the rest of us were treated to with Becky on her flute being accompanied by Rachel on the grand piano!

Thank the Lord for such a wonderful time!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Kip's bac!

A big day around here (along with all the usual jokes) is the day the final exams for the baccalaureate are finished.

Today it was Christopher's turn!  Congratulations!

Monday, June 11, 2012