Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Imagine the world today...

"Imagine the world today if only he could have communicated like this"

This is the award-winning Mahatma Gandhi commercial by Telecom Italia.

Mahatma Gandhi, who taught the concept of non-violence to the entire world, if only he could spread his message like this, maybe we would have been a different world today headed in a different direction.

It's an interesting thought and a well-done commercial.

I don't have to tell you that Jesus said it better and went further down that road.  He lived it and it cost him his life two thousand years before Ghandi.  But, in his own way, Gandhi was very influencial.

Not least because he once met a receptive seeker in South Africa called Leo Tolstoy.  Tolstoy, already a famous author, experienced a deep conversion to true Christianity and the truth and invincibility of non-violence and non-resistance and he went on to live and share these truths through his writings with countless thousands.


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    1. How good ? What do you mean ? What's your knowledge of the world? Living in a totally protected environment not willing to expose and explore yourself as an individual makes it easy and not very convincing to make these kind of remarks.

      A critical follower of your community; anabaptist in words not in deeds

  2. How strange! That Rebecca's two-word appreciation of my comments and meagre reflections could evoke such an outburst from you, Anonymous friend!

    Let's not yield to hiding behind anonymity but share our hearts openly with each other freely; this is the stuff of real Christianity! We claim nothing but grace and pray for a pure and honest heart that can always be touched with needs of others.

    Join us!