Monday, June 25, 2012


With all the partying and activities, Thanksgiving was an unusually low-key event this year.  But still the whole family got together for pizzas and rosé wine, as per tradition, for our thirteenth anniversary.

After eating, the Roobies led the younger ones in a card game while everyone else entered a drawing contest at the inspiration of Olly, who set Bala up on a stool to provide a model for the occasion.  Meanwhile Claire continued spinning ...

I've uploaded a 28 second video clip that I took at that moment which you can enjoy.  (When I figure out where I'll put it I'll put the link here.) 

Some of our prayers and more spiritual reflections and activities got put off till next weekend—delayed, not deleted. :-)

Musing on our mornings, we are all enjoying Don's ongoing series of video presentations available on YouTube—a good example of being able to use anything for God's glory, I guess.

So tomorrow we are expecting Kimberley's visit as Claire and Mum go up to Paris to pick her up!  We'll have some more news and pictures for you then!

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  1. You summarize it all very nicely, Daddy, thank you !