Sunday, December 02, 2012

Yves Duteil

Last night the evening we'd been looking forward to for some time finally came!

Yves Duteil was appearing in concert at Le Lude, just over half an hour away and we'd bought tickets for the whole family a couple of months ago.

Both Sarah and I "grew  up" with his music and have loved it ever since.  So many heart-warming and heart-felt songs—he's a real poet and has a beautiful way with words!

As we drove there, I told the children I'd guess that he'd be singing Prendre un enfant and La langue de chez nous since these have remained enormously popular over the years; especially Prendre un enfant which still brings a tear to most people of my generation.

He was assisted by a pianist and a bass player and his concert was predictably warm—he is such a nice person and this is reflected in the words he chooses for his songs.

After warming up with a couple of his newer compositions the audience responded with a round of applause when he started Prendre un enfant — as I told the children they would!

At the very end, after a wonderful repertoire I almost thought he wasn't going to do La langue de chez nous when on his third encore he came out with "C'est une langue belle ..." and we knew we could go home satisfied!

After the concert Rebecca went up to see him and tell him of our appreciation.  Here she is posing with him on stage (not a real good shot, but pretty good considering the lighting I had to work with!)

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