Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pour Sarah

I'm easily touched by a meaningful song.  I guess everyone is.

This morning I heard a beautiful song from a singer unknown to me.  I just couldn't believe how much it touched me.

Turns out the singer is well-known around the world and sings in several European languages.  His name is Salvatore Adamo; born in Sicily and raised in Belgium, most of his songs are sung in French, as is this one.

French is a beautiful language through which you seem to be able to express emotions in a way you can't really do in English.  Anyway, that's how it seems to me.

I will let you hear this recording and will give you the words.  That's all I can do for now.

Je te dois
Salvatore Adamo

Je te dois
Pour cet amour un peu triste
Au fond de toi
Que tu gardes et qui résiste
Malgré moi
Je te dois
Des jardins entiers de roses et de lilas
Je te dois
Pour tes plus beaux rêves sacrifiés pour moi
Moi... toujours moi... moi qui prenait tous les droits
Je te dois
Pour tes nuits de solitude et de grand froid
Toutes les perles de l'aurore
Les étoiles et plus encore... je te les dois
Je te dois
Pour m'avoir suivi au bout de mes délires
Me donnant tout ton meilleur contre mon pire
Je te dois
Pour m'avoir applaudi dans mon cinéma
Quand l'artiste se prenait pour la diva
Je te dois
Parce que tu m'as voulu libre de mes choix
Je te dois
En chapelets... en litanies
En cantiques... en symphonies... mon mea culpa...
mea culpa
J'étais sur mon nuage avec toi loin de toi
Inconscient du naufrage où tu sombrais pour moi
Je t'aimais trop ou je t'aimais mal
Mais je trouvais tout normal
Tu donnais... moi je prenais
C'est pourquoi...
Avant que l'indifférence ne s'installe
Dans tes yeux où brille encore un soleil pâle
Je te dois
Parce que tu es là pour ma dernière escale
Les photos... les projecteurs
Les médailles et les honneurs
Je te le dois... je te les dois
Je te dois
Pour l'enfant qui nous sourit
Toute innocence
Pour la vie qui refleurit
Comme la chance
Je te dois
Pour la place dans ton cœur
Que je prends comme un voleur
Pour tout ça...
Le bail est dûment signé
Tout l'amour du monde entier...
Je te le dois... je te le dois

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Rebecca received this in the post this morning.  After three years of study: her Bachelor's degree in Classical Literature.  She's justifiably satisfied with her achievements and happy to show you her diploma today!

But it doesn't stop there: she's now in her fourth year with one more year to go toward her Master's degree!

She just told me that I could share her personal blog site with you, if I wished.  So if you want to find out what makes a person passionate with languages in general and Latin and Greek in particular, bookmark her site and check it out from time to time (in French, of course).

You can find it here: Simple et classique

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I was just thinking about my last post: how vain to bother posting a picture of myself!

But there you are, I liked the shot (Sarah took it on our recent holiday) and thought of some of you who frequent this area might like it too.

We just got back after (yet another) cruise holiday.  This time we wanted Rebecca and Christopher to make it with us as they've never done that kind of thing before.  It was really the cruise of a lifetime and I don't think we'll ever do it again like that.

Ports of call (in order) were: Marseilles, Nice, Savona, Catania, Athens, Rhodes, Smyrna, Olympia, and then Rome (we were visiting Saint Peter's square the day of the recent election and what a crowd there was!).

The tour was accentuated on ancient civilisations, which is exactly what Rebecca is studying for her master's degree this year.  Needless to say, she loved it!

We were very pleased and rather surprised in Turkey to see the warm-hearted greetings we got everywhere.  Greece we knew a little from our last visit and loved it!

The picture of myself on the last post was taken in a small bar waiting for my first Greek coffee which, I have to say, was very good!

Some of you may remember an old photo I posted some years ago (see it here) of my mother during the war.  She visited Nice and had her picture taken while staying there at the Westminster Hotel on the promenade des Anglais.

I have always said that one day I'd try to find that hotel if it still existed and maybe even the very spot the picture was taken.

Well, this trip was the occasion — and I found it!

The hotel is still there (I found that it dates from 1860) and looking much as it must have seventy years ago — the street view is all that has obviously changed.

The management was very kind and accommodating to me and thanks to them we found the very same room and balcony she stood on for the photo!

Here is Rebecca, at same age as her grandmother was, standing in the same spot 73 years later.

Just for fun ...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Friday, March 01, 2013

European Awakening!

The uploader of this video that I found today online has this to say as a text introduction (best enjoyed full-screen):

Every people on Earth love their own heritage as is normal and healthy.  

But many unsuspecting people of European descent have been taught to hate their own heritage and to applaud the rapidly shrinking numbers of Europeans in European populated nations. 

This video is a message of love and beauty to the European people.  

Only a healthy and proud people can defeat the ultimate tribalists!  European freedom in European nations is vital for both Europeans and for the rest of the world suffering from globalism and "multiculturalism".