Thursday, March 21, 2013


Rebecca received this in the post this morning.  After three years of study: her Bachelor's degree in Classical Literature.  She's justifiably satisfied with her achievements and happy to show you her diploma today!

But it doesn't stop there: she's now in her fourth year with one more year to go toward her Master's degree!

She just told me that I could share her personal blog site with you, if I wished.  So if you want to find out what makes a person passionate with languages in general and Latin and Greek in particular, bookmark her site and check it out from time to time (in French, of course).

You can find it here: Simple et classique


  1. Wow - congratulations, Rebecca! What an achievement! I wish I could read your blog but, unlike you, I am not a master in languages... Lots of love from us over here.

  2. Thanks, Aunty Wendy ! Well, I'm sure I wouldn't get on as well in Spanish as you seem to be ! Everyone has their own area area of strong interest, don't they ? Love,