Thursday, April 18, 2013


We first met this time last year when he came through our area of France.  A few weeks ago Wesley said he was driving down from Scotland again to attend a conference in Paris and this time he'd be bringing his whole family.

They booked into the camp-site and hit it just right weather-wise: we had glorious summery weather while they were here!  It was great to fellowship with him about Covenant Eschatology and to share our pilgrimage.  I ended up leaving him a lot of talks in mp3 format as well as a couple of Don's books.

Here's a picture for the record that Raph took:

God bless them all and keep them safe!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Fascination France

Here's a well-done little video I stumbled across the other day.  It only does a few of the regions of the country but it is inspiring and beautifully done.

(We had to laugh at his pronunciation of "Louis" in English as if this was a word that had to be translated!  His German roots are showing!)

Enjoy it—click here!

Youtube notes: France is a country with a long and dramatic history.  A country of unique flair and picturesque old towns, fortresses and castles and also a country of beautiful landscapes.

Today Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  First established by the Celts, next used strategically by the Romans and then the domain of the Sun King.  Les Champs Elysées is the French metropolis' magnificent avenue and surely one of the most beautiful in the world, with wide boulevards, shady corners and large volumes of traffic.

For more than a century the members of the French court languished in Versailles where incredible pageantry and opulence dominated and the king celebrated in majestic style.  A hundred hectares of ingenious garden design with a strict symmetry of wide star-shaped garden paths that seem to be without end.

With its historic buildings, the eighty metre high granite mound of Le Mont-Saint-Michel is like something from a fairy tale.  The Emerald Coast is a world of foaming white surf and dramatic cliffs.  Saint Malo is the proud and solemn "Town Of Corsairs" as the yacht harbour of today once contained pirate ships.

The historic centre of Nice, Vieille Ville, has maintained its charm and boasts the most well displayed fish market on the whole Cote D`Azur and a fruit and flower market that each day offers fresh produce and satisfies all the requirements of its most demanding customers.  This is a journey to many corners of France - a fascinating journey not to be missed!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013


This simple title hides deep thoughts.

Growing up as I did in the sixties, there seemed to my juvenile mind to be three things drawn from popular culture so fantastic, so implausible, as to exclude all possibility of any accomplishment.

I remember having to read—and study in school—that well-known book that George Orwell wrote a year before I was born whose title he derived by cleverly transposing the last two digits of the year of writing.  This lent itself well to the unimaginable theme of his story: the degeneration of a democratic state to the imposition and spread of a fascist-like one of total control.

But why stop at 1984?  Why not name it 2084?  The thing was preposterous and helped, in its own way, to reinforce that date as being thoroughly unattainable.

Later on, sometime in the seventies, it seems to me, Hollywood had a little fun with the science-fiction success film called 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Here, too, the title was provocatively chosen to be set in that far-off unknown and unknowable future.

I won't comment further on the content of the film because I've never seen it to this day.  But the idea that was planted in my consciousness was just as fertile: the future was wilder than our dreams!

Finally—and with this reflection I've got to my point and I'll close—a thought drawn from a song (I daresay the more astute of you have already seen it coming!).

Last week Sarah asked me "what I wanted for my birthday".  I had to laugh because you're reading the blog of a man that has everything!  But a few seconds later the proper answer came to me, and I told her, in a slightly lyrical tone "Birthday greetings and bottle of wine"!

Yes, that day is here at last!  A day that could never come, did.  I'm sixty-four.  May your birthday be as content as mine is!  I thank the Lord Jesus for bringing me here in a happy and healthy frame of body and mind.  Laugh with me today at the foolishness of humanity and the vanity of life itself!

(For those who may be expecting a picture; we mustn't break our tradition, must we?  But I can do no better than send you to that photo I posted a week or two early.  Believe me, I haven't changed much since then!)

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

My spot

This post will reveal a little bit more about me, personally.

There is a spot that I treasure near the grocery shop I frequent.  I like it so much I very often walk over to the edge of the parking lot just to gaze and day-dream.

Being on a higher elevation than the surrounding countryside, this area of Luceau overlooks the fields and hamlets in quite a direction.  On a clear day I study the crops and wonder what that farmer on his tractor is doing.  I watch the miniature cars and trucks travel by like I did as a boy when we loved to play "cars & trucks".

I often leave with a picture in my phone/camera and have used this shot as my lock-screen.  Even when it rains, it has a beauty all it's own.  About the only time I give it a miss is when a cold westerly wind sometimes blows.

The other day, after spending a particularly restful moment there I told the cashier in jest (who I know well by now) to make sure the area was never sold for development!  She laughed and agreed with me how nice it is to live in the countryside without all the accrutements of city life.

This is it, in all its simplicity.