Tuesday, April 02, 2013

My spot

This post will reveal a little bit more about me, personally.

There is a spot that I treasure near the grocery shop I frequent.  I like it so much I very often walk over to the edge of the parking lot just to gaze and day-dream.

Being on a higher elevation than the surrounding countryside, this area of Luceau overlooks the fields and hamlets in quite a direction.  On a clear day I study the crops and wonder what that farmer on his tractor is doing.  I watch the miniature cars and trucks travel by like I did as a boy when we loved to play "cars & trucks".

I often leave with a picture in my phone/camera and have used this shot as my lock-screen.  Even when it rains, it has a beauty all it's own.  About the only time I give it a miss is when a cold westerly wind sometimes blows.

The other day, after spending a particularly restful moment there I told the cashier in jest (who I know well by now) to make sure the area was never sold for development!  She laughed and agreed with me how nice it is to live in the countryside without all the accrutements of city life.

This is it, in all its simplicity.


  1. It's beautiful, Derrick. How nice that you have such a serene place to visit so close to home. I feel the same way about "our" lake at the end of our street - it is a place where I can go, walk along the path and be a million miles away. I believe getting out of the city was one of the best moves Floyd and I have made.

  2. This picture doesn't even do the scene justice, Wendy, but you get the idea. Sometimes I can hear animals, birds, a cock crowing far off, a tractor ploughing, and so on. Year after year I watch the seasons change and the crops in the foreground grow up, bloom, and be harvested. Sometimes there'll be a wisp of smoke coming from one of the farmhouses and I wonder what the people in there are thinking. Life doesn't have to be complicated. It almost brings me to tears sometimes.