Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Today being the eighth of May we have a national holiday, of course, and all the normal pageantry around the monuments aux morts in each village, as well as the national celebration in Paris on the Champs Elysée.

My email this morning contains a picture with only the word "Ajaccio" as the subject and was taken at 7:30 this morning—just look at that glorious light!

Temperatures here have been very aestival as well almost hitting the low thirties yesterday.  We've waited though a long winter to get to this kind of weather so we're not quick to let it pass!

This morning Christopher, Claire, and Olivier went over to Jonathan & Debbie's house right after breakfast to help him on his projects: today he's laying the foundation for his new room.  All week he's been digging the trench and today's he plans to get some stones in there.  Debbie got some to eat and invited the whole crew to stay and eat lunch there together which makes it a fun day.

Meanwhile Rebecca, who is diligently studying for her exams next week in Montpellier, spent the day revising as I struggle with a rather complicated spreadsheet I have to finish today, if I can.

At noon Becky went out to the greenhouse and brought me back a fresh head of Amos' Batavia lettuce for my daily salad—my pleasure in goat's cheese salads in place of a noon meal is legendary around here!

I sent this picture to the Sardinains with the caption "Thanks Amos !"

Thanks, Amos!


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