Monday, May 06, 2013

Off they go!

Well, this is one holiday that has been well-planned and much-talked about!  All weekend Raphaël & Camille and crew were packing and making last minute plans for their visit to Sardinia: and now the day has arrived!

Off at the crack of dawn (just after eight), :) the idea was to make the eight hours they need to get just past the viaduct de Millau and spend the night in a country inn they have used before.

In the evening we got the first word from them with a couple of pictures of the children with the viaduct in the background so I knew that all was well and going according to plan.

They are driving the Marseille where they catch the ferry boat that links the mainland with Corsica and Sardinia.  I think the trip is some twelve hours so they ought to have some fun!

Christine, Susanne, David, Amos, and Junia with Camille and Claudia at Millau.
Meanwhile back at home Olivier left this morning on an all-day school trip to Jublains—a very old and very interesting archealogical site just a couple of hours from here, in the Mayenne departement.

Jonathan and family were over here for awhile today.  Having dug the  foundations needed for a connecting wall he plans to use the nice five-day weekend coming up to start building his wall.

Here is another photo, fresh from the trail : Nimes.  If you have to be reminded what this town is famous for click here.  Here's a picture of our crew doing a little exploring!

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