Monday, May 13, 2013

Today's outings

The exploration of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia continues with today's report from Raph ...

Hi there !  Hope you had a good day. Here the weather was nice and sunny but with a bit of a  wind  which made it good for hiking. 

This morning we went with a picnic to a park where you can climb about trees using pulleys and cables, just like the one we went to at Arcachon two years ago. 

We had a nice time, then after lunch we went for a walk up a hill where you could see the whole of Porto Conto, the bay with the port, the beaches and the slopes of pines and macchia.
The vegetation is typical of the Mediterranean but also many species are endemic to Sardinia, or at least the corso-sardinian islands. The kids spotted wild rosemary, thyme, a corse-like bush (have to look it up), strawberry tree, and the myrtle (used here to make liqueur and to cook roast pig). 

After our walk we went to visit our first Nuraghe, which is a unique archeological structure dating from 1500 BC (think : around the time of the exodus). 

They only exist in Sardinia, and there are over 7000 sites on the island containing these structures!  The one we visited is called a complex, because it is actually the remains of a whole village. 
The tops of the house were made of wood and straw so are missing but a lot of the stonework is still in place so you can walk around the old alleys, houses complete with paved floors and fireplaces and sometimes doorways.  This complex has two big towers in the centre that are still in very good condition. 
You can walk around inside, peer through the ancient arrowslits, walk into the different vaults and rooms.

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