Sunday, May 12, 2013

Walk at Porto Ferro

This afternoon we went for a walk along the coast at Port Ferro, which lies within a nature reserve stretching from here to Algherro along the coast. 

There is a beach at the end of the inlet but we walked along the tip coast further out where it was rocky. 

You'll see a photo of a very old stone tower which overlooks the entrance of the bay and dates from the Nuraghic period 3500 years ago.  There are over 7000 such buildings in Sardinia, and only here, ranging from small edifices such as this one, to big complexes such as Palmvera (a couple miles from here, we haven't visited it yet). 

The kids were enthused by all the different flowers, you'll see Mouss the young botanist expounding on some flower he found, Susie cuddling her favorite flower, and Tine taking closeup photos for identifying later on. 

The island also seems to be a favourite home and nesting place for Hooded Crows (we don't get them at all in France).  I managed to get a few nice shots of them in the cliffs including one who's up on his tiptoes ready to dive. 
Hooded crow

Amos, the botanist

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