Saturday, June 15, 2013

Another swarm

Just to keep you up to date here; everyone is complaining about diminishing bee populations but, although we always seem to lose a hive or two during winter, we are amazed at the little creatures resiliance and ability to adapt and multiply!

This is the swarming season and Rebecca's been called out a couple of times lately.  Two weeks ago the swarm was difficult to get at since it had lodged in a chimney.  This latest one was in a wall and seemed easier.

For the first visit a small hive (what we call a ruchette) was placed as close as possible to see if they would be attracted to it.  On the next visit we found that another, different swarm had taken up residence there!  We got the ruchette down with the swarm safely inside and are set up another hive—we're still after the original swarm (which worries the old lady who lives there).

Here's the team struggling with getting the ruchette down.  The "trap" hive is visible on the roof of the shed.  (No need to mention who's who since that should be obvious to any all of you!)

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