Thursday, July 04, 2013


I bought a watermelon the other day.

When I got it home and cut up, I remembered having seen a sign over the fruit that it was sans pépins — seedless.  Sure enough, the expected large black seeds had been replaced by small, lifeless, white pips.

I started musing on this and it occurred to me that this is what is being foisted on us, too, as people.

We have so neglected the life of God in us and despised our beautiful culture that was given that we are now everywhere agreeing to be neutered out of existence.

We don't want anything that will generate more life, do we?  Too much hassle.

As for "seedless fruit" I started to wonder if such fruit could even be food for us?  How could it sustain life, in the long run?

The verse in Genesis 1:29 came to mind.  And I wonder.  Whatever the nutritional value of such things I decided to make every effort to avoid buying into the "seedless" game being proposed to us.

Seedless grapes?  You can have them!  I'll take the fruit the way God made it for me, thank you!

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