Friday, August 30, 2013

Opening Ancient Wells

Several of you have asked us about the trip to Moravia, how it went and so on.  Others hoped we record our activities and impressions in the church in Moravia ... Well, of course, there is so much to say I hardly know where to start!  But here is how we spent the last two weeks! We were so honoured to be a part of this event!

To set the mood, here is a photo of a few of the participants.  We took on the last day after the final meeting and though everyone is not pictured, and it makes for a happy memory.

Briefly (left to right) you can see here Dean Taylor and his family from Elmendorf in America, Gertrude & Edouard from Austria (whom we first met years ago in Switzerland), Peter & Susan Hoover, with two of their boys, from Tasmania, Erol was there from London (via Cyprus and Turkey!), then there was a delegation from France next to Karel, our guest pastor, as well as many locals and friends, members of his congregation in Hustopece.

The entire event was planned and organized by Karel with great help from his family and friends in the church.  We've hosted enough events of this kind to know the intense activity involved and to appreciate the smoothness of the whole operation!  They had managed to get the help and support of the local Reformed Church in the town as well as use of the cinema for a couple of meetings!  This meant that the whole emphasis was wider and more ecumenical than it might otherwise have been and the weekend had wide-spread support beyond the mere boundaries of ethnic Hutterites.

Everywhere you went you saw the poster (click here to see it in a new window) in Czech with that lovely couple (newly-weds from Elmendorf, it turns out) smiling out at you.  I sat next to the mayor during the first meeting and noticed his enthusiasm for what was said.

Later on he invited us to a special meeting at the town hall at which time he gave a half-hour speech of welcome to us all as he presented us all with bottles of wine on behalf of the town of Hustopece.  We couldn't help noticing the irony of the moment as we were gathered to mark the four-hundredth and eightieth year of Jacob Hutter's departure from the town under rather less pleasant conditions!

We were graciously hosted by Karel's parents who kindly put us up in their own home and made us feel welcome.  I want to thank all who made the event so meaningful for us.  A special thanks also to Roman & Lenka and their family who invited us to their home.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hope Fulfilled!

As documented in this book, the most persistent challenge by sceptics hostile to the Bible and Christianity is that Jesus did not return when He promised—within the lifetimes of his followers.

Indeed, there are over a hundred passages in the New Testament clearly declaring: (1) that the writers of the New Testament themselves were in the "last days," and (2) that Jesus would return while some of his disciples were still alive, in fulfilment of all that had been prophesied.

Were Jesus and the New Testament writers wrong?  Of course not!  But Christians too often gloss over the important prophetic time-statements!

As further documented in this book, otherwise reputable denominations are wilfully blind on eschatology.  But if Jesus and the writers of the New Testament were wrong, they could not have been inspired, and Jesus Himself was a false prophet.  This critical problem must be addressed by the church.

Could the "last days" be referring to the final days of the Old Covenant order rather than to the end of the physical universe?  Was the "time of the end" when Jerusalem and the temple were destroyed in AD 70—the date when the ancient covenantal system of temple sacrifices for sin ended forever?

Could many modern Christians have misunderstood what Jesus meant by his Parousia (his "Second Coming")—that it was to be a divine but non-visible "coming in judgement" against the Jews in AD 70—similar to God's coming in judgement against the Jews or their enemies on multiple occasions in the Old Testament?

Could the King James Version of the Bible have unwittingly misled English-speaking Christians for 400 years about certain critical details?

This book explores these possibilities, which if true, resolve the challenges to the accuracy of the Bible!  The author examines the growing view of Bible prophecy called "preterism" or "covenant eschatology."  This is the view that most if not all prophecy has been fulfilled, completely disarming the challenges by Christianity's opponents.

Before you dismiss this idea, you should test your presuppositions against what the Bible actually says.  The preterist view has been held by some Christians since the 1st century and is gaining adherents today as flaws in the popular theories are being critically examined and discredited.  Covenant eschatology restores Jesus as a true prophet and the Bible as reliable and authoritative.

The book is the product of over 10 years of research by the author along with input from seven contributors. The book critically examines all of the popular views of Bible prophecy, many of which are contradictory or are little more than fanciful speculations without biblical support. It is written in easy-to-follow language for the informed layman, and it clearly and definitively answers the objections to preterism.

If you have never studied Bible prophecy carefully, or if the various modern views of prophecy just do not make sense when you read your Bible, this book will give you increased confidence in God's Word.  It covers all of the eschatological topics including the New Heaven and New Earth, the Day of the Lord, the End of the Age, the Apocalypse, the Beast, the Great Tribulation, the Millennium, the Second Coming, the Kingdom of God, the Rapture, the Resurrection, and more. It brings extraordinary clarity to a difficult subject. Fear not to be challenged and changed.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Seen this weekend

Our sponsorship of the local chapter of the French Windsurfing Club at the Lac des Varennes.  It has been our policy since the beginning to take an active part in local clubs and events as much as possible.  Our logo is seen everywhere and this simple act engenders a lot of goodwill ... and business!

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