Sunday, September 08, 2013

Five years ago

As we prepare for the back-to-school events (getting supplies and registering the children in extra-curricular activities, etc) it came to most of us that this Sunday, as we gathered together to eat after the meeting that not only was this Lily's 32nd birthday (happy birthday, if you're reading this!) but that this was now our fifth year without her.

I know she thinks she is doing the right thing (whether by rewarding us in some way or just teaching us a lesson) but it has been a hard five years that are impossible to retreive.

Raph somehow ran across a song by Canadian singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot that I very much enjoyed when I was young.  A visit to amazon brought it all back to me as well as some of his most popular songs; Early Morning Rain,  Steel Rail Blues, Canadian Railroad Trilogy, and so many others.

Today all of us ate outside as our custom is on the Lord's day at noon.  Inevitably, today being the 8th of September, the conversation turned toward absent loved ones, both reminisces of good times spent together and questions, lots of questions.

It seems like today is a sort of "anniversary" — the fifth of a sudden departure and change in our midst.  But life goes on and the Lord provides his grace and his love for us to share with others — especially all the little ones he has provided for us to look after and to train.

Mum and I went down to the island to talk and try to learn from our experiences over the years and to plan, as best we can, for the future.

Jonathan & Debbie worked with us all to help all day yesterday butchering our pig and today there were odd jobs still remaining.  It's nice to have Mats with us to help and share his view of life.  At noon there were fresh rillettes to eat but since the consistency had not been what was expected Raph named them graillons du nord-ouest in memory of something we had eaten a year of two ago while in Languedoc which were called graillons du sud-ouest!

Here they are :  (yes, they were good!)

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