Sunday, December 29, 2013

Trying to catch up

Well, as several have pointed out, this site has gone to sleep for the past several weeks.  By thus doing we have shamelessly missed marking untold birthdays (at least six by my count), Christmas and Christmas-related concerts and other divers school-break activities, visits from friends and so on.

But what has finally jogged me out of this lethargy is Raphaël & Camille's newest arrival, little Paul Emmanuel Neve!  (Thus continuing, I must add, to the strange gender-alternance that others set in place before them : we now have an unbroken stream of thirteen births in this series—of which Raphaël himself is the first and his newest son the latest element!)

Paul was born yesterday in an easy and quick birth—Camille just got to the clinic in time—at about quarter past nine of the 28th!  He was a big baby (over four kilos) and is happy and healthy for which we give much thanks.  Camille is very happy, as you'd expect, and thankful for such mercies.

December is destined to be a busy month for the family in the future as we will have so many births to celebrate at year's end (starting with Raph and Mum at the end of November, followed by Jesus' birth, Olivier, and now Paul!

Here is our first picture of the little fellow with his proud dad :

In a note Raph sent me this morning under the subject-line of "Famous kids sayings" (by which I think he meant the second and third words to be associated together...) he shared this cute exchange he had with Amos:

"Raph : Well, Amos, who do you think your new brother looks like?

Amos : (after a long think) : Well, not too many people look like him!"

You've got to give him a point there!  :-)

Please join us in thanks to God for this wonderful gift!

Saturday, December 28, 2013