Tuesday, March 04, 2014


Raph to the rescue once again!

I've been lagging in completing this blog lately; same old reasons: time and initiative being top of the list.  Then the family upstairs decided on a four-person trip to England and now the pictures are arriving for me to share with you all.

This is them getting ready to bed down for the night in their cabin on a Brittany Ferry heading out of Caen to Portsmouth—the very best way to make this crossing from our place.

In case you can't make out everyone there, there is David, Susane, and Christine about eleven o'clock last night.

This morning we got this one with the caption "Salisbury"
and the smiles indicate that this long-awaited trip is everything they'd hoped it would be!

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  1. You and I both! I need to get a post on my blog as well. Good to see Raph's photos as always.