Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Best day out ever!

Today we all went to the Vendée to see a theme park we've heard much about and which everyone claimed was "without equal" and was even voted "best park in the world" in 2012!

It's called Le Puy du Fou and is located just two hours from us--all the more reason for taking a look at what is on offer.  But we were not prepared for the wonder, fantasy and sheer bliss of the place.  If that sounds over the top they were the words that came to our minds when we ere asked for our appreciations!.  Set in over 45 hectares you never feel crowded even though there must be thousands there at any one time.  A truly unforgetable experience!  If you in the area, don't forget to take it in!  But be advised that you can't possibly see it all in only one day!

In the medieval village


  1. I'll keep that in mind if ever I'm in the area ;-) Do you have any more photos? What kind of "park" is it? I guess I can "Google" it to see more...

  2. Well, I did search for images of the park and, as you have said, it certainly does look very impressive! I imagine it was an amazing day...