Wednesday, April 09, 2014


Today being my birthday, Olivier had decided, with his mother's help, to prepare a special meal for the whole family at noon — candles and everything!  He made some feuilleté sarthois and salad for everyone and a great dessert.

As the meal was ending someone handed me today's mail that was just in and right on the top was a letter from Michel full of pictures!  We haven't heard from him in awhile and it was so good to see pictures of their children—three down and another on the way, apparently!

Here's the lovely picture of the children.  Jérémie (5), Jemima (3), and little Kétsia (2).  Thank you so much for sending it, Michel.  You made my day; they are an adorable bunch!

Jérémie, Kétsia, Jemima

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