Sunday, August 17, 2014

Recent travels and old friends

We've been very busy, as you can see by yesterday's picture post!  And we are all very happy with the upcoming changes!

I've been so slack in recording events lately I had even thought of abandoning the whole project as something done and finished.  Thank you to all those who provided encouragement to keep it up a little longer.  So here's a little catch-up post for you!

Two weeks ago, while Rebecca, François, Claire, and Olivier went to Poland to attend the European Young People's Christian Conference in Male Ciche, Sarah and I spent a wonderful couple of days in the Netherlands with our dear friends the Scheepens, who gave us such a warm welcome! 

It was so good to see Kees & Frances and Bas again.  We also got to renew our acquaintance with the Zemps from Switzerland, whom we hadn't seen for several years.

Of course, when they knew they were passing through Switzerland, the young people couldn't miss the opportunity to pay another visit to the dear singers-songwriters, the Grandjeans (see lovely picture below of Hélène and Samuel, taken on the balcony of their home).

Above is a picture-memory of Kees, along with Hans & Esther,  at a part of his vast pig farm.  It really is quite impressive the care and attention to detail he has put into his porcine husbandry.

Finally, one more shot of the whole crowd in Eindhoven with us at that time...

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