Wednesday, September 03, 2014

School friends

I'm starting to miss "little" Olly though it's only been a couple of days!  I'm going to pick him up Friday on the train to go through the ropes with him to make sure he understands everything.  I guess I'm a bit protective but I tell myself he's only 13 -- though he's mature for his age.

I was glad to see this picture that Rebecca took of him and a family friend Martin, last Sunday when we dropped him off.  I'm sure he's adapted by now and is having a great time.

I picked up his train tickets for the month yesterday ; he'll be taking a direct train from Château du Loir at 09:51 and arriving at Sées an hour and a half later at 11:23.  He's supposed to have eaten a picnic lunch by the time he arrives at school ready for his first class at 12:45.

The return is after the last class on Friday which ends at 15:20.  He'll have a little wait since the direct train doesn't leave before 17:47 but it's little quicker and gets in here at 19:08 -- only an hour and a half later.  I think the schedule and discipline will be an immeasurably good thing in his life.

I think instead of driving I'll take the train up there by myself -- a nice train ride on a sunny day won't do me any harm!  I'll let you kow how it goes...

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  1. He's only 13! He does look older...was there no school closer?