Saturday, September 27, 2014

Day-trip to Chambord

Today, being such a lovely day, Rebecca wanted to spend a little time with Amos (aka "Samoo" to his friends) so she had a day-trip set up for just the two of them to Chambord, with a picnic lunch and everything fun!

Apparently Samoo was tirelessly interested in everything she could explain, historically, about the castle and its famous occupants and they spent three hours solid running up and down stairs and visiting all the rooms -- without the slightest complaint of tiredness!

Afterwards they rented a small motorboat and messed about on the water just in front, near the moats.  When I saw her pictures I just knew you'd love them!

Here are three of the best ...

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  1. what a wonderful adventure...boy, would I love to go through that castle!!