Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Once it was the blessing

I am very blessed to have my two girls thinking and writing down their thoughts at this time of their life.  This composition is from Rebecca.  I thought it worth sharing with everyone.

Once it was the blessing,
now it is the LORD

Jordan thinks that she can live right without God. Julie thinks it too. They see us trying to live right and prospering in many ways thanks to the Lord's hand of mercy even on our livestock and on our possessions, and also on our mental and physical health.

Thanks to the Lord, our families don't fall apart ; the children love each other ; even the women do, and the men work eagerly together in the office. They think that all of this stems from an intelligent way of seeing life, which it does, and from that they deduce that by imitating this way of doing they will reap the same wonderful results.

They don't know that it's not only because we decided to that we are managing to live this way. They don't realize that we've often failed, but that what keeps us together and working and prospering is the Lord and His Word. It's our faithful submission to this Rock that keeps us infallibly united--on the things that matter at least--since we cannot pretend to follow Him while rejecting each other or coveting or fighting bitterly. We sometimes sin, but we always rise again, even beyond seven times. We are often wrongly done by each other, but we always forgive again, we must, even beyond seven times.

Nothing else but our absolute and unreasonable devotion to the Lord's commandments could keep us functioning this way. They don't see it, but I suppose they will find it out bit by bit, hopefully without having to spend their life trying and failing without ever attaining the things that they find attractive with us.

You can't find true love without embracing Love. You can't live truly while refusing to submit to the Truth. You can't live at all, really, if you refuse Life. This Person is everything and although His yoke is easy and pleasant, it is still a yoke, and many don't want to bow under it. As a consequence they can never, ever, enjoy these things, really.

Poor ones. We have to pray for them, and love them, and show them to Christ. They may acquire animals & land, stop ingesting medecine, straighten their lives out, foster good relationships, think in healthy ways, but until they ask Him to be their master, until they forsake their whole life, all their freedom of thought and their own way, they never will manage to be really free. Only He matters, only His Word can save them. This is the only real way to help them : show them Jesus.

And how important it is for us all, and for all of our children, to realize this : that we are happy only because we are attached to Christ. This is what we must pursue and remain faithful to with all our hearts, and not any of the wonderful healthy by-products of his love, like healthy eating, healthy relationships, natural living and the multitude of such points that we enjoy.

And I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge
of Christ Jesus my Lord :
[… that I may be found in him,  and that I may know him. (Philippians 3)

Men [...] have hazarded their lives for
the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Acts 15.26)

Neither is there salvation in any other : for there is none other name
under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. (Acts 4.12)

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