Monday, January 12, 2015


With all this talk these last days about freedom and freedom of expression, there is only ONE freedom in this life in this universe. And that is the Freedom in Christ for freedom He has set us free.

Freedom from Sin, sins, self, satan, this world: only in Christ is there freedom from these, never in simply freedom of expression. 

From a spiritual view, think about the freedom of fallen beings, of ones with darkened minds and understanding, of ones living and walking in the fallen ignorant flesh. Imagine the full expression of such ones and that is what all this talk is about.

 It is dark, unenlightened, ignorant and proud without any understanding whatsoever of the human condition. We are not for a democracy but a theocracy, a government of, for, with and by God Himself as the Holy Spirit who has come to free us from the lie of this self life, this fallen soul life as the words in Greek for self and soul are the same. 

Unless a man GIVE up his self or his soul, he will lose it. But if we give it up and yield all to Christ we will gain our soul unto eternal life. This is the great mystery revealed and true freedom. Our lives must be centred in our human spirits indwelt by the Holy spirit so that from this source our souls ( minds, wills and emotions ) can be renewed and enlightened.

I do not want to express my self, my soul only when it is enlightened and made intelligent by the Holy spirit living in my spirit to express the mind of God in Christ. This is true wisdom and true freedom. Keep in mind that these very same cartoonists from Charlie Hebdo had one cover of their magazine depicting the Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit having sex with each other. Blasphemy to the uttermost and ones will pay and do pay a heavy price for such blasphemy. WE indeed reap what we sow!

In my spirit I even detest to write such a statement so excuse me if this offends you but I simply want to say how far these artists have gone in their so-called freedom which is not freedom at all but actually slavery to their own so called artistic fallen self. Their creativity is centred in Hell actually. Let us rid ourselves of all such fallen ignorant premises to come fully into the Light of Christ so that we can be the lights in this world, never of it but in it ONLY to bring ones out of the kingdom of darkness into the marvellous kingdom of Him and His Light and to bring such unto the fullness of sonship until all arrive at the unity of the faith in Christ. 

Paul lived on this earth only for this and we must live here only for this also. Even among Christians there is so much darkness, so many false and wrong principles and concepts from which we need to be freed.  -Dominic Fischer