Tuesday, February 16, 2016


To take advantage of the final week of holidays we decided on a couple of days down at "the snow" as the event is called here.  We decided on the slopes of La Mont-Dore with accommodation in La Bourboule, in the Massif Centrale.

We started seeing snow at about 900 metres and by the time we were there (1350 m) everything was set with temperatures at -5 at night and sunny days.

Olly had a great time and brought along a friend of his who was at the snow for the first time in his life!  (Olly has had the privilege of going for many years and has reached third level on the slopes).

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Museum of Natural History

We decided to take advantage of the couple of weeks of winter school holiday by making a quick trip over to London to show Claire and Olivier the sights.

We had a great time!  Here we are visiting the great Museum in Kensington...

Here is a picture of Claire at the museum