Sunday, April 10, 2016

A day out at Le Puy du Fou

Well, I hardly know where to start in recording this because you were (almost) all there!

All the family got together and bought (and arranged) for a family get-together at the world-famous history theme park in the Vendée, the Puy du Fou.  You have to see and experience it to appreciate it!

A big thank you to Camille for the idea, Mum and Becky for pushing it through, and everyone else for participation!  Especially appreciated were Debbie's delicious quiches and crates of strawberries!  It was a little cold in the morning but the sun came out and warmed us all up during the afternoon.  I gave my phone to Susanne and asked her to take a few pictures we could remember the occasion by.  Here we are at our stop for picnic hunch :

Saturday, April 09, 2016


Well, here I am.  You asked for it, so here it is.  Have it with strawberries — Garigettes from Brittany, de préférence !